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New Kiriban announced! 32000th pageviewer gets a free picture of (a) Sonic (fan)character(s) in a scene of their own idea - upon linking to me the appropriate screenshot. Good luck!

Winner of the recent kiriban, :iconexception-ua: must wait until the next one at 38000 pageviews, to not favor anyone. All other previous winners are valid competitors.
I'm embarking on an Eurotrip tonight, I'll be back on the 3rd. Enjoy your summer too!
Miles Electric by calculusmaster
Miles Electric
:iconexception-ua: :

Tails worked on implementing his bluepapers. At last, his tools work! He wanted to create a healing device that will use electricity. Miles knows that Tesla, his inspirer, wanted to make the world better, too. And after so many years, Tesla's ideas come to life.

A belated Kiriban for :iconexception-ua:, thank you for your patience, and I hope you like it!

Also, perspective, is it something you eat? ^^'
Taking a day off all electronics tomorrow. Wish me luck XD
jesus f***ing christ I hate babysitting...
(received from :iconrancidire:)

  For the First 10 people who comment a Heart, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice.
( I'll visit your gallery and pick one as my choice.)

• If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot.

• The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I'll feature you after you have made the journal.

1. Ember Grizzly by :iconrancidire:

[Old] Ember Grizzly by LancerWolf13Before and After: Ember Grizzly by LancerWolf13Flipping the Bird by LancerWolf13Ember Grizzly by LancerWolf13Ember 2012 by LancerWolf13

To me this character just speaks "I don't take no sh*t from anyone", although she can also have a fun and playful side, enough for me to really like her. Also she's handy with mechanics, Lance the Wolf, whatever happened that the two of you broke up, I feel sorry for you xD As for the rest of the character design, to me that's a first grizzly bear in Mobian form, and the more she moves out of the constraints of the style and towards the artist's own anthro genre, the more she resembles her species I think. She's going in the right direction, almost there!

I must admit I have a real thing going on for jumpsuits. And this character just brings the sexy back to the garment... I like the contrast of the fur and material color, and the artist's coloring and shading really brings that out. That's to say nothing about the perfect way he draws folds and wrinkles and makes the clothes have their weight and texture.

2. Elysha A.K.A. Edda Vagar by :iconlarrya-oryelis:

.:Reference:. Elysha (old) by Larrya-Oryelis.:Reference:. Elysha by Larrya-OryelisEdda Vagar by Larrya-Oryelis:character design: Fantasy Elysha by Larrya-Oryelis

You don't want to run into this vixen in a dark alley... if you can even spot her before your head is rolling on the ground. That's what unloving parents and living all life on the run will make out of you. Larrya has come up with a nice background, with valuable allies and vicious rivals to the redhead, I would love to read it one day as a full set story! Maybe we could learn some more of the war she's been the unwilling victim of up until this day.

Traditional art requires a lot of skill, and that, Larrya can teach a good number of people. Soft shading and lighting especially, and it works very well with the color combinations and surfaces here. Out of all her AU incarnations I've picked the Fantasy/Medieval one for the design - doesn't she look just as cool and badass in armor as in the assassin clothes?

3. Amadeus Prower by :iconrexmobianmix:

Amadeus by rexmobianmixAmadeus and his ixis by rexmobianmixRequest by rexmobianmix

I can hardly keep a straight face browsing Rayen's gallery (is that a name? sorry, no habla Espanol). She has decided to put a special spin on the Prower brothers Amadeus and Merlin, and their young future liege Elias, which works very well both as entertainment and as reminder of what we lost due to executive meddling and the greed of a certain mustached artist/writer. But I digress. Their shenanigans are lots of fun to watch, especially Amadeus trying to get his brother's attention, all the while the latter apparently tampers with some sort of forbidden magicks XD

The style is very expressive, and plays around with the canon comic style, which both captures attention and feels familiar to both old and new fans. Also, Amadeus seems to have kept his eye. Or maybe it's a convincing fake? We'll probably never know. What we know is that surely Rexmobianmix is full of ideas how to put our headcanon upside down.

4. Antoine D'Coolette by :iconalcyonesong:

Sore Feet by AlcyoneSongAntoine by AlcyoneSongEn Guarde by AlcyoneSongGenerations P2 by AlcyoneSong

Alcyone's style is very different from what you can expect googling for Sonic
art. Don Bluth and John Musker mix here with a very good understanding of human anatomy, which makes the result feel quite unique, and far from an allegedly arising uncanny valley between the two. She perfectly handles the poses and expressions made by the more animalistic looking Mobians, makes them feel very much alive, which especially supports both fighting scenes, and the romantic portrayals of the young D'Coolettes and other couples. The lines can be flowing and light, making way for more prevalent and deep color, or they may play the main role where color would just get in the way.

So, if you ever get frustrated seeing Sonic's monoeye or wonder what kind of beings could populate the Earth should evolution have gone some other way, check out the works of this artistic and patriotic French soul.
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